11 Febbraio 2024by Ex Pescatore

SPOOKYMAN sarà ospite di Ex-Pescheria, Taurianova – Giovedì 22 febbraio 2024 – ore 22.00
Siete pronti a entrare nel mondo di SPOOKYMAN, l’investigatore del suono che ti farà viaggiare attraverso le epoche con la sua musica? Usa strumenti che sembrano usciti da un film di fantascienza, come un oscilloscopio che disegna onde sonore e un sound blaster che riproduce nastri misteriosi. La sua musica, pervasa di un immaginario da spy story, emerge da una dimensione sospesa tra library music, sci-fi e Freak-post-blues.


Singer, guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Italy Giulio Allegretti has been active on the music scene since 2008 when he debuted with the original one man band project “SPOOKYMAN” which sees him engaged in accompanying his voice through a guitar modified by him, beating with his feet suitcases, bells, tin cans and anything that for him has the “right sounds”. 

From 2010 and in the following years, he collaborates with theater directors and videomakers in the production of soundtracks.

In 2015 he collaborated in the writing and arrangement of the song “Chat Noir” by Le Cardamomò.

In 2021 he mixed and mastered the Corey Harris Album “The Insurrection Blues”.

His sound research makes his solo debut possible only in 2016 with the album titled “Spookyman” (Self-production), containing 13 unreleased tracks, twelve in English and one “ghost track” in Italian.

In 2019 he collaborates with the pianist and composer Simone Scifoni for his next record release signed “SPOOKYMAN & THE ALL NIGHTERS” titled “BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS” (2021), containing 10 unreleased tracks.

In 2023 he releases his new single “Crawling Wails”, with which he announces a drastic change of direction at the executive level: he creates a bridge between played music and sequential music, through the use of instruments modified by himself, belonging to an archaic electronic era.

During his numerous tours, the artist has accumulated experiences on important national and international stages such as La Casa del Jazz (Rome), Torrita Blues (Siena), Trasimeno Blues (Lake Trasimeno), Tropea Blues (Tropea), Santa Maria Blues Festival (Azores Islands), Augustibluus Festival (Estonia). 

He has opened for musicians of international caliber, among which Eric Gales, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Cody ChesnuTT, Luke Winslow King, Pat Mother Blues Cohen, Eugene Chadbourne, Bob Log III, Mariano De Simone, 99 Posse, and many others.

To date, in his Roman home, he reconciles his musical creativity and his artistic flair with the belonging to the simple but solid values of his roots, never losing sight of the beauty of small things.

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